"Lacy is an efficient and knowledgeable editor, marketer, and go-getter who can tackle any task that comes her way. She has been an incredibly valuable asset to my team as my editor and marketing manager.

Lacy’s editing has helped me significantly improve my books, which I am profoundly grateful for. If you’re writing a book, it is an absolute must to have a professional editor. I would highly recommend Lacy and One Leaf Editing. 5 stars!"

Kristin Pierce, Amazon Best Seller, three times Nautilus Book Award Winner,

and CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40 Under 40 Winner


"You need an editor. Seriously. You do. It doesn't matter how good a writer you are. You need an editor. (Yep, even you). You need an editor with experience reaching large audiences. You need an editor with experience using words to connect with people.


You're in luck.


There's One Leaf Editing. 


I worked with Lacy at One Leaf, and she made my book better. Period. Lacy's experience in both fiction and marketing is the edge—she can help you shape your words to best reach your audience. 


And that's what it's all about."

Jim Jackson, Calgary Herald Bestselling Author


"Working with Lacy was a real pleasure. She is thorough, insightful and highly professional. She asks the right questions, and is truly committed to providing the best service. If you need editing services, it is One Leaf Editing you need: Lacy is a master of her art. We will definitely be working with her again."

Myriam Gagnon, Partner and Translator-reviser at Tradëm Translations


"Lacy is a talented, conscientious, and incredibly thorough editor. She knows exactly the right questions to ask, catches even the smallest errors, and finds opportunities to fact-check items that I wouldn’t have thought twice about. Her feedback is detailed and clear, making it easy for me to understand exactly how my piece needs to be revised. And while she tackles everything with a fine-tooth comb, she delivers her comments kindly and in a timely manner — a combination

​every writer dreams of in an editor. It’s truly a joy to work with her, and I always trust that my work is polished and ready for publishing after it’s gone through her review. I cannot recommend her services​ enough."

Kristie Castanera, Copywriter

"Lacy brings passion and dedication to every project, handling each with great care. She has a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of every project she works on.


Her patience never falters - no matter how many questions you may have. This shows her continual commitment to delivering only the best work.

These qualities make her considerate feedback and stimulating questions all the more valuable. She is, quite simply, a joy to work with."

Alex De Pape, Copywriter