Lacy Lieffers


Originally from Cudworth, Saskatchewan, I moved to Saskatoon after graduation to get my degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. I spent over a decade in Saskatoon, working in the marketing industry, all the while, dreaming of one day turning my side passion-projects of having my own marketing and editing business, into reality. I recently moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and decided it was the perfect time to turn that dream into a career.

If I could read it, draw it, dream it, or imagine it, then it was for me. Yes, I was literally that kid that was excited about the school-mandated reading time after lunch—I may have also been the kid to sneak in a chapter or seven during classes as well ("just one more chapter" literally never means just one more).


I have worked in different marketing roles for the past 10 years, with editing, in its various formats playing a part in each - ensuring that everything that went out to consumers was grammatically correct, structurally sound, and spoke to the audience's language. The addition to editing manuscripts occurred in the past couple of years. It was something I knew I needed to turn into more than just a hobby, it needed to become a lifestyle.


I have a passion for building strong brands, understanding consumer behaviour, and helping my clients shape and share their story with their target audience. Whether it’s through a manuscript, article, website, or advertisement, I believe that your story is an important one and your audience needs to hear it.


As an editor, I can help you refine your message so it speaks more direct to its readers. I can see what you want to write and help you bring it together with what your audience wants to read.

As a marketer, you wear many hats: dreamer, strategist, creator, author, editor, and organizer. The love I have for marketing stems from being able to create that big picture strategy and vision, and making it become a reality. I can help you create and promote your brand and work with you to understand your audience—who they are, what their pain points are, and how your product, or service, can benefit them.